Friday, November 14, 2014


There is so much to celebrate today!! 

First off, thank you all who visited the blog and took part in my little giveaway for Lucky 13.  I appreciate all your support and encouragement.  

We have two Winners for commenters here on the blog over the last two weeks.  

Daniela found the Twelve Days of Lucky 13 Christmas and has received an e-book!
12 Calendar Slots
11 failed come ons
10 happy inches
9 month auntie countdown
8 Hopeful matchmakers
7 pm dim sum
6 pack abs
5 Bennett Sisters
4 condom wrappers
3 Minute Dating
2 White Russians
1 Hot Santa Claus

And Luthien84 is the Lucky winner of a special Christmas Ornament and Bottle of Chambord Liqueur!

Congratulations, Lucky Ladies and Thank You!!

Well, its a banner week.  Not only is Lucky 13 bringing some smiles to its readers, but my dear friend and fellow Vanity & Pride Press author, Pamela Lynne has launched her beautiful JA Inspired Regency today!!  Look for Dearest Friends on Kindle and in print!  Amazon Link  (Check back here on Monday for Review by Kari)

This is one novel you'll want to read.  The gorgeous cover artwork alone says "READ ME."  

And on a truly personal note ... more blessings, certainly not Luck by any means, my father's chemotherapy is working!!!  


  1. Thanks for the lovely words, Cat! I love watercolor, and I've had a lot of inspiration lately! I have to admit that the back cover with Mary and Sebastian is my favorite! At least I think of them as Mary and Sebastian!

    It's great that your dad's chemo is working! It's a hard road to travel. I pray he finds his cure.

  2. Hi Cat, First of all thank you for your wonderful writing. I am not an experienced person in finding my way thru all this new technology, I mean like websites, blogging, etc. I just click on things until I find something interesting and go from there. I recently clicked on "My Dearest Darling" and have read it to chapter 33, Please tell me this is not the end.....I love this story and with the right screenplay this could give Nicholas Sparks a run for his money.

    1. Hi Julie! It's great to meet you, and I'm so happy that you kept on clicking to find something a little secret in my blog ;) (teehee) There are few things that accompany the story, so in case you didn't find them - under the "Music" Tab is a playlist of songs from My Dearest Darling that you can enjoy and if you click Here: you can look at all the inspiration pictures that make up the story. Thank you so much for your compliment. This is a story that is so very close to my heart. I have just posted Chapter 34 here and there will be approximately 9 more. So be on the look out. I'll see you here again soon! All the best, Cat