Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Mr. Darcy Muse

Many of my followers know that in the fall of 2014, I published Lucky 13, a Christmas, Austen-Inspired Pride and Prejudice comedy set in New York City. If you followed the story's blog and Pinterest, you soon discovered the man behind my muse for the charming firefighter who won Liz Bennet's heart: British Model, David James Gandy. 

Who knew that what followed would eventually take the JAFF community by storm. A fire (yes, pun intended) was lit by Mr. Gandy's persona in other Austen-inspired authors' muses, many envisioning him as their Mr. Darcy. Demand for images of him dressed in Regency apparel, astride a horse cropped up in various polls and blogs. New fans were born with each comment.

Today, esteemed author and dear friend, J. Dawn King has blogged about Mr. Gandy, Mr. Darcy, and how her muse sees him on the pages of her novels, particularly her latest:  One Love, Two Hearts, Three Stories  Visit her blog, sign up for future posts, and don't forget to get your copy of her celebrated Regency novel.  Just get ready to swoon when you imagine Mr. Gandy on those romantic pages.

What does Jane Austen and the UK’s #1 Male Model, David Gandy, Have In Common?

A recent unofficial ballot was held on a Facebook page asking who came to mind when the name Mr. Darcy was mentioned. Colin Firth? Matthew MacFadyen? Sir Laurence Olivier? Yes, those names were chosen by many. However, a popular choice with a stunningly high number of votes was Mr. David Gandy. What? Who is David Gandy?
His biography in British Vogue states the following:
Before graduating from University with a Marketing degree, David Gandy was entered into a modeling competition on ITV’s This Morning. He won the competition and with it, a prestigious contract with Select Model Management.
In 2006 David became the muse of exclusive designers Dolce and Gabbana, annually starring in their apparel campaigns but best known as the face of their “Light Blue” fragrance, currently one of the world’s top selling male fragrances. The iconic campaign saw his face and body become recognizable literally overnight, with a 50ft billboard in Times Square, over 11 million internet hits to view his campaign and global recognition.
David has appeared in numerous campaigns and catwalk shows, opening for D&G in Milan in 2010, with Naomi Campbell for Fashion For Relief and has worked alongside supermodels including Giselle, Eva Herzigova and Scarlett Johansson. He has shot with some of the most sought-after international photographers including Mario Testino, Mariano Vivanco and Steven Meisel and boasts an envious portfolio of editorial work including dozens of covers and editorial photoshoots.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stories From the Past Blog Visit

Hello Kittens!

Friend and esteemed Austen-Variation author, Rose Fairbanks was kind enough to host Denial of Conscience on her blog, Stories From the Past.  

She provides a wonderful analysis of what makes this Liz Bennet so understandable, and how she relates to Jane Austen's canon Elizabeth. Thank you Rose, for your brilliant perspective and allowing your readers to experience DoC!
Lizzy who?

Cat said I could talk a little bit about Liz in this book and I jumped at the chance. When I first read this story it was at an online forum and had an “out of of character” tag on it, which made me skeptical to try it. I had enjoyed Lucky 13 when it was posting and felt like I could trust Cat to offer another great story and reading experience and I’m so glad I tried it. I enjoyed the story even more on this second reading! 
To be sure this blurb: 
Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman hiding from living life to its fullest, finds herself willing to accept an untenable marriage arrangement solely for the sake of achieving her father’s selfish aspiration to save the family’s historic home. But even duty and obligation fail to hinder her inner conscience from spurring her to leave – to run – to escape before it’s too late. Prompted by a cataclysmic event and the arrival of an attractive, enigmatic man, Liz is thrust into a dangerous liaison where her spirit learns to fly amidst international intrigue.doesn’t sound too much like the usual headstrong, fiercely brave and independent Elizabeth we typically read in variations, but I don’t think she’s so out of character. The situation has changed drastically, but the elements that Cat has used to cook up her Liz are all from Austen’s recipe.

In the original Pride and Prejudice, Lizzy felt a lot of familial duty. She loved them, but didn’t quite think well of them. She knew she was her father’s favorite child. She tells Mrs. Gardiner that her father’s good opinion of her means the world to her. When Darcy is asking Mr. Bennet for Elizabeth’s hand, she is worried about hurting his opinion of her.

She does turn down Mr. Collins, but only because her father is alive and despite his teasing Mrs. Bennet seems rather unconcerned about the likelihood of his family truly being cast into the hedgerows and considering Mr. Gardiner was assumed to have paid Mr. Wickham 10,000 pounds to marry Lydia and his frequent ability to travel he seem quite well to do. JAFF fans will recognize the idea of putting Lizzy in a situation where she feels compelled to marry (Darcy, Collins or another man) for the good of her family’s welfare. ...

Continue here to finish Rose's article and read a special outtake - the scene that never made it to the book!   Stories From the Past

Friday, July 3, 2015

Swag Giveaway Winners!!

Refreshed from a four day mini-holiday with DH at the beach, I'm now home and ready to get back to business.  Well, technically I'm still on vaca until Monday when I begin my full-time writing career!  Woot!  

Today's announcement of the winners comes with a beach theme carried over from my trip to a little island in Southwest Florida: Sanibel.  It is a beautiful subtropical, 12 mile-long barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Not much to do apart from sunbathe, shop, bicycle ride, and one of the main reasons why I love to go back: shelling.  Sanibel is considered one of the top destinations in the world for shelling.  I rose with the sun every morning and hit the beach since it being a full moon, the tide was especially cooperative at it lowest.  I managed to find some real gems during my well-honed "Sanibel Stoop." (bending over to inspect the mounds of treasure at my feet.)

So today's winner announcement uses some of the shells I found along the way! With a little help from my very own, although sunburned, Mr. Darcy, he has chosen DoC's Winners.
It's Shell Game time!

Liz's notebook, One of her cherished orchids and wood basket, and
a signed DoC paperback!
Congratulations Deborah Ann!

Congratulations LĂșthien84!

Thank you, everyone for participating!! Look for more goodies, because we have entered Christmas in July, with L13 treats and more good things DoC related!  Make sure you visit Vanity & Pride Press on FB to be a part of exclusive happenings.

Congratulations to the Winners, and don't forget to send me an email to cattgardiner@gmail.com with your information.  Hugs til next time and happy reading!!