Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Mr. Darcy Muse

Many of my followers know that in the fall of 2014, I published Lucky 13, a Christmas, Austen-Inspired Pride and Prejudice comedy set in New York City. If you followed the story's blog and Pinterest, you soon discovered the man behind my muse for the charming firefighter who won Liz Bennet's heart: British Model, David James Gandy. 

Who knew that what followed would eventually take the JAFF community by storm. A fire (yes, pun intended) was lit by Mr. Gandy's persona in other Austen-inspired authors' muses, many envisioning him as their Mr. Darcy. Demand for images of him dressed in Regency apparel, astride a horse cropped up in various polls and blogs. New fans were born with each comment.

Today, esteemed author and dear friend, J. Dawn King has blogged about Mr. Gandy, Mr. Darcy, and how her muse sees him on the pages of her novels, particularly her latest:  One Love, Two Hearts, Three Stories  Visit her blog, sign up for future posts, and don't forget to get your copy of her celebrated Regency novel.  Just get ready to swoon when you imagine Mr. Gandy on those romantic pages.

What does Jane Austen and the UK’s #1 Male Model, David Gandy, Have In Common?

A recent unofficial ballot was held on a Facebook page asking who came to mind when the name Mr. Darcy was mentioned. Colin Firth? Matthew MacFadyen? Sir Laurence Olivier? Yes, those names were chosen by many. However, a popular choice with a stunningly high number of votes was Mr. David Gandy. What? Who is David Gandy?
His biography in British Vogue states the following:
Before graduating from University with a Marketing degree, David Gandy was entered into a modeling competition on ITV’s This Morning. He won the competition and with it, a prestigious contract with Select Model Management.
In 2006 David became the muse of exclusive designers Dolce and Gabbana, annually starring in their apparel campaigns but best known as the face of their “Light Blue” fragrance, currently one of the world’s top selling male fragrances. The iconic campaign saw his face and body become recognizable literally overnight, with a 50ft billboard in Times Square, over 11 million internet hits to view his campaign and global recognition.
David has appeared in numerous campaigns and catwalk shows, opening for D&G in Milan in 2010, with Naomi Campbell for Fashion For Relief and has worked alongside supermodels including Giselle, Eva Herzigova and Scarlett Johansson. He has shot with some of the most sought-after international photographers including Mario Testino, Mariano Vivanco and Steven Meisel and boasts an envious portfolio of editorial work including dozens of covers and editorial photoshoots.
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  1. What a phenomenon!!! Yes!!! Maybe all of us authors who are inspired by Mr. DJG should promote a Kickstarter fund for a photo shoot with David wearing a cravat, a waistcoat, and Hessians.

    Thanks so much, Cat, for introducing me to the gentleman and for your repost. As always, best wishes to you.

    1. What an awesome idea! But I'd much rather see him design the apparel. Oh wouldn't that be cool? I am delighted to have started a friend on the road of admiration of this fine man. It means I won't obsess alone. LOL Goodness and hugs back at ya'

  2. I am so enjoying this as it spreads through our community. I did first enjoy his image on the Lucky 13 Pinterest board but didn't know who he was. Then Joy began her own Darcy Pinterest board and I had to re-pin so many of his images. What a handsome charismatic man!

    1. Hi Sheila! This is so fun. Ah, so now you have the story behind the man, and the story behind the muse. As all good information, and a Breck Shampoo hair commercial flows, I discovered DJG from two friends, and told two friends, and so on and so on. Spread the love, girlfriend! He is handsome, charismatic and talented to boot! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)