Friday, August 14, 2015

Visiting Friends

Yes, I admit I'm terrible at blogging with posting frequency. But ... but... I have an excuse: I'm writing.  That's good news to report right?  A new novel will be hitting the stands in late autumn, all tied in a neat red holiday bow, and hopefully will make you laugh. Sticking with my Lucky theme, featuring David Gandy as our dreamy hero, I give you ...

A romantic comedy where NYC’s Little Italy collides with the country club set … at a beauty salon. Christmas, gossip, cannolis, and a blowout, or as my hairdresser would say “Sex, Lies, and a Haircut—Italian Style.”
  Villa Fortuna
In every ethnicity, there is richness of tradition, beauty in its people 
… and comedy in its colorful culture
Being the Pride and Prejudice lovers that we are, we're all familiar with the prejudices of others and Elizabeth's embarrassment of her family. What if our heroine is the true prejudiced one - ashamed of her ethnic roots, tired of the stereotyping, and struggling to disassociate herself?  Will she be successful?  I don't think so.  Mi Familia and the power of its all encompassing love always wins when one pays a visit back home.  Stay tuned, my friends.


In other news - I've been visiting friends the last two months since Denial of Conscience published and some of you may be interested in visiting their blogs for excerpts, outtakes and guest articles.  Below is a little listing of my past and upcoming activities.  I hope ya'll stop by, and say a hello to the kind ladies who work so hard at bringing Austenesque authors and readers together. I know I am very grateful for their generosity!

July 9 - Stories from the Past
Denial of Conscience Blog Tour, Outtake!
I'm so excited to feature Cat Gardiner's latest, Denial of Conscience!! Cat has shared a wonderful outtake with us.  This scene occurs off-screen after Darcy dances with Elizabeth at the studio and after he returns to his home in Asheville, North Carolina, hoping to forget all about her.  I'm sure you'll recognize his feelings and certain iconic imagery. Continue

August 9 - My Love of Austen blog
Denial of Conscience: Guest Post, Excerpt + Giveaway

One of the joys of connecting with fellow Austenite admirers is the chance of discovering new Austenesque authors and their published work. The same is also true the other way around. Regardless of how I came to know author Cat Gardiner through Lucky 13, she is here to talk about her second contemporary Pride and Prejudice story... Continue

August 12 - Austenesque Reviews blog
Guest Post + Giveaway with Cat Gardiner!!!

Hello dear readers! Today I am welcoming Cat Gardiner, author of the newly released Denial of Conscience, to Austenesque Reviews! Cat has penned an extra-special post to share how music and song lyrics inspire her! I hope you greatly enjoy Cat’s post and share with us any music that inspires you!  Continue

August 15 - 2015 Reading Romance Expo, W.T Bland Library, Mt. Dora, Florida
The popular Romance Expo will take place this year on Saturday, August 15th from 10am until 1pm at the W.T. Bland Public Library. Returning authors include multi-published award-winning authors Blair Bancroft, Joyce Humphrey Cares, Jax Cassidy, Wynter Daniels, Louise M. Gouge, Katherine Mitchell, Shelby Reed, Abigail Sharpe and Dianne Venetta.  This event is free.

Along with these outstanding authors, the Romance Expo will feature Charlee Allden, Kathryn J. Bain, Gerri Bauer, Linda Bond, JoMarie DeGioia, Debra Ann Fisk, Selena Fulton, Cat Gardiner, Sophia Knightly and Sarina Rose. For information on all these authors and their showcased titles, please go to

August 15 - Austen Promises
Author Zoe Burton's favorite book of the month! Here

September 8 - More Agreeably Engaged
Guest Article and Giveaway - Here

And the best news of all ... In honor of Vanity & Pride Press One Year Anniversary, we are proud to unveil our new branding logo, coinciding with the release of two stunning book covers by author, Pamela Lynne.  One for last year's blockbuster debut novel, Dearest Friends, and the other for her upcoming release, Sketching Character already called a JAFF that will be listed as an all-time favorite among readers.