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Spotlight: Author, Pamela Lynne

Hi friends! Those of you who follow my blog and the happenings in this corner of Florida, know that I am blessed to have a partner in crime through our indie publishing arm, Vanity & Pride Press. Beloved Author of the widely received and well-loved P&P-inspired, Regency novel, Dearest Friends, Pamela Lynne is about to set the genre on fire once again. Her upcoming novel, Sketching Character has already been touted as "One of the best JAFF I have read," by an ARC reader. Set to launch on September 28, here is the Book Trailer

Back in 2014, prior to the release of her debut novel Dearest Friends, one of JAFF's popular forums,, hosted Pamela in a one-on-one Q&A. In case you missed it, I'd like to share it with you so that when this talented woman, visits fellow Janite Author Rose Fairbanks's blog for a new interview, we'll see how much a year has changed our girl! 

Author Interview, Pamela Lynne
(Thank you, and Author Brenda Webb for this interview)

Q: Tea? Coffee? Soda? Hot or cold? What keeps your thirst requited while you write?
A: Since I write mostly really early in the morning or really late at night, coffee is a must.  When I was writing Dearest Friends, the words came out easier if I also had a slice of cheese toast.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Middle Tennessee

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A: DH and I have moved a lot since we have been together and wherever we are, I find myself longing for the last place we lived, so right now that would be the mountains of North Carolina.

Q: Are you well-traveled, or do you rarely have the opportunity to visit your favorite spots?
A: I am not very well traveled by most people’s standards, though I have seen a good part of the US.  Does visiting all the SEC campuses (pre-TX and MO) count as well traveled?

Q: Do you have your own Mr Darcy? Kids? Grandkids? Pets?
A: I do, though my DH is somewhere on the spectrum between Darcy and Bingley, bless him.  We have three kids, two cats and a dog.

Q: Do you have any hobbies other than writing and reading JAFF? 
A: I love to cook and read, though I am afraid both have taken a backseat to writing in the past year.  I can’t seem to concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

JAFF Related:
Q: Which Jane Austen’s book is your favorite? Why?
A: P&P is far and away my favorite.  When I was younger I related so much to Elizabeth.  I have said before that I grew up in Longbourn, the white trash version.  As I have gotten older, though, I have grown more Darcy-like.  Elizabeth probably did, too.

Q: What first drew you to JAFF and how long have you been reading it?
A: My journey to JAFF was very round-a-bout.  I’m not big on contemporary literature for a few different reasons, so I tend to revisit favorites, including Austen, over and over.  It also helps my mommy brain to not to have to concentrate too much on new characters.  About two years ago, I had made my yearly rounds of Austen books and just finished Jane Eyre again but I was still craving period romances.  About that time the new movie version of Jane Eye came out, so I watched it, but still wanted more.  I searched Netflix and came across North and South.  Not only did my ovaries burst after that kiss, I wanted to read the book because I had never even heard of it before.  The movie was better.  Y’all know how on Amazon, they will say “You read North and South, you may also be interested in...”  Well, as it turns out, I was also interested in whatever continuation they were selling.  I downloaded the free kindle for PC and started reading, and ladies, it was dirty.  I had no idea people felt that way after reading the book, the movie, absolutely, but the book?  So after I finished, wide eyed and blushing, I thought, “That was positively pornographic.  I wonder if they have any about Darcy.”  Yep, they did.  Ok, I am exaggerating.  I did not really set out on a quest for Darcy porn, but I did find a wonderful world of re-tellings and continuations that I never knew existed.  Then I lucked upon the forums where I found more wonderful stories as well as friends.

Q: Do you prefer reading stories that are close to canon, or are you more drawn to what-if types of stories?
A: I read and enjoy everything.  However, the ones I tend to go back to time and again have retained the canon personalities, if not scenarios.

Q: Do you prefer reading Regency, modern, or another era?
A: Again, I enjoy everything, though I admit to being a Regency snob when I first started reading.

Q: The all-important question – who is your ideal Darcy?
A: My Darcy will always be Firth-esque.  From the hair, to the mannerisms, to the shoulders, legs, dimples . . . what was the question?  It is funny how many of us do not have a clear picture of our Elizabeth.  I am the same, in fact I cast nearly all my men, but only one of my women.  For someone who would like to consider herself a writer, I actually have very little imagination.  If I do not have a RL person in my head for the characters, I need a visual for inspiration, at least for the men.  Darcy, Sebastian, Richard, Porter, Remy all required a massive amount of research to get just right.  The things I do for my craft.

Q: Who is your favorite JAFF villain?
A: Mr. Bennet.  I do not have a single plot bunny where he is not estranged from Elizabeth somehow.  Lazy parents are asking for trouble.

Q: What about your favorite JAFF supporting character?
A: I love what the fandom has done with Richard. Most of us, I think, start from the same mold of him being this jovial but strong support for Darcy.  I see him as the anti-Bingley, and the probably better friend to Darcy.  As for my own writing—gotta love that Viscount.

Q: What is your ‘comfort’ JAFF story when you need a break from life?
A: I tend to go for moderns when I need a break—Dance the Tide, Creep, Lassoed Hearts (because I love a cowboy Darcy), or Other Eras—The Very Thought of You, Pemberley Ranch (again, cowboy Darcy), 1932.  There are lots of others as well.

Writing Related: 
Q: Are you a published author, or do you only write stories to post online? What books do you have published?
A: Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to have Dearest Friends out in November.  
(Wow! here we have Sketching Character only 9 months later!!)

Pam’s JAFF Stories are:
Charlie’s Favorites
Dearest Friends
In reply to Your Last – Darcy’s Reply
My Dearest Sisters – Mr Wickham’s Reply

Q: What prompted you to begin writing?
A: The bunny that wouldn’t die.  I found JAFF in the spring and by fall I kept re-working stories in my head to read the way I wanted them to.   Once Mary and Sebastian started talking to me that was it.  I had to get it out.

Q: Have you ever visited any of the places we love to write about in JAFF stories? 
A: Sigh.  No.  One day.

Q: How would you describe your workspace?
A: A mess.  DH bought me a really beautiful writing desk for Christmas and it is covered in credit card receipts, and broken crayons and torn out coloring book pages.  I’ve gotten more done lately while sitting in bed with DH snoring beside me.

Q: Do you prefer to write by hand, on a typewriter, or on a computer?
A: Computer!  It is so funny how we change over time.  The last time I wrote fiction was when I was in college.  I would sit at the computer and just stare.  Nothing would come out (maybe I needed coffee and cheese toast).  I had to hand write everything first.  Now, I am completely the opposite.  I keep a pad and pen with me all the time for quick notes, but pages have to be typed on the laptop.

Q: What inspires your muse?
A: You guys.  The forums, at least for bunnies, are a great source of inspiration.  Once I get writing, RL is the biggest muse feeder.

Q: Have you ever had a writing block? 
A: Not really with the plot.  I usually have a good idea of how I want things to play out.  I get stuck in narration a lot.  It can be really hard to get the right words out.  That is why I write so slowly.  Just giving it time usually does the trick.

Q: Do your loved one (family and friends) know you write?
A: DH and the kids do.  I have also told a few friends, but it can be hard for folks outside the fandom to get it, I think.

Q: Do you write for other fandoms besides JAFF?
A: There are other fandoms besides JAFF?

Q: Do you write Regency? Modern? Other eras? Which do you prefer?
A: I’ve done both, but doing a long modern scares the heck out of me.  I think Regency is easier.

Q: What are three of your favorite resources to turn to when writing?
A: Regency Encyclopedia; The library, I know it is so old school, but the books are there, and they are free; The forums—if you browse some of the threads you can see many of your questions have already been answered.

Q: What is your most memorable JAFF moment or story?
A: Well, like many of us I’m sure, bells rang and light shown in the clouds when I found the JAFF index.  Posting DF was a lot of fun, especially on the comment thread.  But, if I had to pick most memorable, nothing can beat being immortalized on Mr. October’s chest.  Being part of a catgirl story trumps all.  (TeeHee! She's talking about Lucky 13's outtake!)

Q: Are there any people in your life who have inspired certain traits in your character or scenes?
A: Oh my, yes.  In DF, Mr. Bennet, Mr. Gardiner and Sebastian all have elements of my dad in them.  Jane is a combination of all my sisters and there is a lot of Pam in Mary and Anne.  Sebastian and Bingley are the big ones though as they represent two men in my life, at different times in my life.  Darcy is, of course, the ideal. 

Q: What is the bigger influence on your writing—Jane Austen’s actual novels or the movie adaptations? Do you worry if you stray too far from the adaptations, such as 1995’s Pride & Prejudice (which featured a slimy, short Mr. Collins, a histrionic Mrs. Bennet, a dripping wet Mr. Darcy, and an orange-loving Caroline), the readers will reject your work?
A: I don’t worry about straying from any of the previous works, whether it is Austen, the movies or the fandom.  As far as influence, it is hard to say.  I see so much of the scenery from 95 in my mind when I am both reading and writing.  When something has been with you for 20 years, it can be kind of hard to shake, but I follow my own musings more than take guidance from anyone other than Austen. 

So get ready, kittens, Sketching Character and Pamela will be making the rounds on her blog tour. I know I'm excited and I bet you are, too!

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  1. Reading this gives me such a sense of connection to you, Pamela. My mother's ancestors have a county in Tennessee named after them, first of all, and then your likes and dislikes, even having 3 kids all sound like "home" to me. I am really looking forward to your next novel. Lets', cooking, P&P, North and South (I watch that kiss on DVD many times before retiring for the night - and have you read the sequel online "Pack Clouds Away"? - Best sequel EVER! NOT porn -but the sweetest wedding night you could read.) And Mr. Bennet as a villain - yes, he is so lazy and neglectful that I have no problem with authors who portray him as such. 1995 is my favorite movie of P&P and no one can replace Colin Firth as Darcy for me...although the modern ones with David Gandy as in Cat's story, do quiet well for today's version of Darcy.

    1. Sounds like we have a lot in common, Shelia! You know, I haven't read a lot of N&S sequels, but the ones that I have (besides that first one) all have sweet and tender love scenes. I wonder why we think of Thorton that way. It must have something to do with RA. :)

      Canon Mr. Bennet is a bad guy in my eyes. Either that or he is Super Dad who has hidden dowries for each daughter. He left their livelihoods up to chance and that is unforgivable, especially when you consider the limited options available to women then. I really could go on about this forever. Instead, lets just close our eyes and think about Colin Firth. :) Thanks Shelia!!

  2. Oh, and I have to add the Col. Fitzwilliam is also a dear man for me. I do like how open he is and how he supports Darcy and how there is a hint that he could love her except for his need of some money to live on. And some books address just that.

    1. I look forward to seeing what you think of this Richard. :)

  3. May I ask that you is Sheila...not Shelia...I do hope not to offend you but that is just something that I seem to note so many people think it is Shel ia but that would be pronounced Shell - lia. Please and thank you.

  4. Hi Cat,

    It is such a pleasure to have you visit!
    I have made some author's upset when I didn't give a favorable review.
    But, to have an author actually like my little place on the `net...
    I appreciate that, more than you know.
    I put a lot of thought into what I display.
    Blessings to you & yours,