Friday, November 20, 2015

Countdown to Cannoli

Mamma mia! I can't believe it is only 11 Days until the release of my third novel, Villa Fortuna!  A novel born out of a real life plot bunny taken from my family history - the tragic loss of our own "Villa Fortuna" in the late 1930s, coupled with my mother's Italian-American heritage from the Bronx, New York City. The place of my birth.

Writing another Austenesque Romantic Comedy over this past year has brought more joys than I imagined (and not just cannoli or David Gandy lusting,) and I'll be sharing that incredible experience at one of my blog tour destinations. So look for that.

So the end result is just the beginning and this is what I've concluded: 
  • I've gained five pounds (more like 10) baking the eight recipes within the book and even kicked off a bake swap with some of Vanity & Pride Press's incredible friends. Yes, I think a 2016 diet may be in order. 
  • I've been psyched for Christmas, listening to the soundtrack these last six months, and it'll probably continue well into the New Year! The book and the music are enjoyable way beyond the holiday season. The happiness will remain in my soul.
  • David Gandy will forevermore be my Mr. Darcy.
  • I will never look at my hair salon quite the same way after spending time with Lizzy and her sisters at their salon. Those boring peppermints at the receptionist desk will go ignored. I will, instead, demand a cannoli and a glass of homemade wine at each visit.
  • I'm super excited for December's upcoming blog tour stops. Did I mention the incredible swag giveaways? We'll visit key places in Villa Fortuna with special gift packs made possible, in part, by a dear friend, a fellow JAFF author, who wishes to remain anonymous.  From us to you, our early holiday gift giving is in the spirit of famiglia! The major theme of Villa Fortuna.
Book Blurb:
Inspired by Jane Austen's most beloved characters. Discover the romance and comedy of Villa Fortuna where Little Italy collides with the country club set…at a hair salon.

Dr. Elizabeth Fairchild lived an orderly and focused life in Los Angeles until …
an unexpected death, a questionable inheritance, and an eighty-year-old Mafia vendetta required a trip home to New York City's Little Italy neighborhood in Bronx. After thirteen years of running from her Italian-American upbringing, Elizabeth dreaded returning to the ethnic world of colorful hand gestures, passionate arguments, and living with her two stereotypical sisters in their rundown apartment above a bakery.

Her plan: get in, take care of business, celebrate Christmas, and then escape as quickly as possible. However, returning to the Bronx assailed the senses like her mother's lasagna. She didn't count on Italian pastry, homemade wine, a beauty parlor, and the enticement of a dashing plastic surgeon known as Michelangelo.

Will Elizabeth flee her childhood home where the foundation of faith and famiglia is so strong? Or will she stay and embrace all the traditions that once embarrassed her? Should she succumb or resist her elder sister's admonishment,

“Your home is where your heart is, and we are your heart—marinara, cannolis, the Church, and the family! The whole shebang!"

Oh and in case you're wondering: Villa Fortuna is even more P&P than L13 and DoC, but I just didn't have the heart to name Fitzwilliam Darcy: Mr. Darcino or Darciani or Elizabeth Bennet: Lizzy Benneti or Benneto. LOL

So join the fun. Put Villa Fortuna on your TBR, and mark your calendar for giveaways, reviews, and guest articles!  ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM??!!
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Villa Fortuna - Pride, Prejudice, and a Haircut

by Cat Gardiner

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