Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holiday Fun and Sisterly Love

It's here, kittens!  I am so elated to announce that Villa Fortuna has published on Amazon in e-Book. Nook should be live any hour or so, and the paperback will be forthcoming next week. Get your e-Book copy here:

Book Blurb:
Inspired by Jane Austen's most beloved Pride and Prejudice characters. Discover the romance and comedy of Villa Fortuna where Little Italy collides with the country club set … at a hair salon.

Dr. Elizabeth Fairchild lived an orderly and focused life in Los Angeles until …

an unexpected death, a questionable inheritance, and an eighty-year-old Mafia vendetta required a trip home to New York City's Little Italy neighborhood in the Bronx. After thirteen years of running from her Italian-American upbringing, Elizabeth dreaded returning to the ethnic world of colorful hand gestures, passionate arguments, and living with her two stereotypical sisters in their rundown apartment above a bakery.

Her plan: get in, take care of business, celebrate Christmas, and then escape as quickly as possible. However, returning to the Bronx assailed the senses like her mother's lasagna. She didn't count on Italian pastry, homemade wine, a beauty parlor, and the enticement of a dashing plastic surgeon known as Michelangelo.

Will Elizabeth flee her childhood home where the foundation of faith and famiglia is so strong? Or will she stay and embrace all the traditions that once embarrassed her? Should she succumb or resist her elder sister's admonishment,

“Your home is where your heart is, and we are your heart—marinara, cannolis, the church, and the family! The whole shebang!" 


If your stomach is growling for sweets, check out the Villa Fortuna Bakery for newly added delicious recipes from our bakers! http://villafortunabakery.blogspot.com/


  1. I am coming up on 30% on my kindle copy (thank you) and laughing and smiling and enjoying all the Italian jargon! Spirited sisters, indeed. Loving it, truly.

  2. I loved this and both other books and as I just received the gift of Villa Fortuna in the mail I am going for a re-read just as soon as Christmas is over...because I am hosting my family this year and don't have time before Christmas. I won't be able to put it down so I have to plan for a time when I have a block of time to read it without interruption! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Cat, I've had this book for a couple weeks and finally read it. LOVED IT. So much of it is reminiscent of my Sicilian background though I did not grow up on or near Arthur Avenue. I had lots of fun visualizing everyone.

    1. Thank you Elicia! It's great to hear from you! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I'm so happy that you delved into Villa Fortuna. I'm super happy that you Loved it and that it brought back fond - and hopefully - funny memories. :) Hugs and thanks for stopping by!