Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Visiting this Holiday Season

Hi Friends!

Happy Holidays!  Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Festivus and happy anything else you can think of. In other words - I hope you're happy and having a good time!

Between the Villa Fortuna Bake Shop Swap, the FB VF Launch Party, beginning a new writing project, and visiting the bloggersphere this holiday season, I've been a joyfully busy lady! So far the reviews for Villa Fortuna are everything a girl could ask for and I'm overjoyed!! One even said she loves me!! How's that for a thumbs up?! LOL

Thank you to all my friends, who participated in the bake swap and made the launch so very special. We shared some fabulous recipes and began our holiday season on the right foot: eating sweets. Bakery Here  And yes, I am toying with the idea of have a Vanity & Pride Press Weight Loss Contest after all the sinfulness of the season.

First order of business is to announce that DEZINGER is the WINNER of the little giveaway I hosted here last month. Friend, CONGRATULATIONS, you have won the gorgeous Jane Austen Illustrated 2016 Peacock Edition Calendar designed by JT Originals.  Shoot me an email, and I'm delighted to get it out to you!  Thank you so much for commenting!

If you haven't stopped by Villa Fortuna's blog visits yet, you must do so for some good ole fashion celebrating - GIVEAWAY time!! Please support these lovely ladies with your comments and cheer! And Good Luck!!

Villa Fortuna: Pride, Prejudice & a Haircut by Cat Gardiner! Review and Giveaway!
December 9, 2015 by Margiesmustreads · 

"It is rather amazing to me that in just one year, Cat Gardiner has managed to write 3 JAFF books that have easily become some of my absolute favorites! I love her!" ...

* Rating: 5 stars out of 5 * 


"After reading “Villa Fortuna,” I believe that Cat Gardiner has created another fabulous read that will appeal to a wide range of readers!" ...

If you haven't yet added Villa Fortuna to your TBR list, consider it. I think you'll have a few laughs and maybe give a try to some of the recipes within. Here's your Santa link: 
May the coming year be blessed for you and your loved ones!  See you at my next blog tour stop at Delighted Reader on December 16


  1. I just clicked on your "Where I Hang Out" icon and LOVED the It's Raining Men of my favorite songs, one I have to get up and dance to (if no one is looking). And now to hear it with all those gorgeous men!!! Oh, my. Do you have a WIP there?

    1. Ooo I love that song and I love the Christmas version, too! So many of those songs on the playlist get me moving. :) I'm not posting anything on the forums right now, but this coming year, Vanity & Pride Press will have a website with some exciting things! Thanks, Sheila! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. This Holiday Season was great for me. I spent just wonderful time with my family. We also enjoyed holiday party that my cousin hosted near Christmas at one of the most popular NYC venues. You know he had organized various fun activities in the party.