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About Cat

Cat Gardiner loves to take you around the world in her novels, places you may never have been with music that maybe you’ve never heard. A member of National League of American Pen Women, Romance Writers of America, and her local chapter TARA, she enjoys writing across the spectrum of Pride and Prejudice inspired romance novels. From the comedic Christmas, Chick Lit Lucky 13 to bad boy biker Darcy in the romantic adventure Denial of Conscience, these contemporary novels will appeal to many Mr. Darcy lovers.

“I love an adventure! So my storytelling uses fresh innovation to bring the reader on a multi-tiered journey. Incorporating technology with visuals and music, the reader becomes immersed with Spotify playlists, blogs, and inspirational image Pinterest boards. Books should be an escape to a time, place, or world where you can lose yourself.”

Married 22 years to her best friend, they are the proud parents of the smartest honor student in the world - their orange tabby, Ollie. Although they live in Florida, they will always be proud native New Yorkers.

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Cat's Novels

Lucky 13 
Winner of Austenesque Reviews Favorite Modern Adaptation for 2014: “What a phenomenal read!! The attention to detail and the clever way the author immersed her audience in the story was such a terrific experience!”

A contemporary Austen-inspired, Pride and Prejudice novel - New York City advertising executive, Elizabeth Bennet is determined to find a respectable date to take to Christmas dinner with her insane family. So, what’s a girl to do with only 26 days remaining? She and her best friend embark on a mad-cap dating blitz. Speed dating and blind dates become a source of frustration when one man continually shows up, hell-bent on either annoying her or capturing her heart. Fitzwilliam Darcy, wealthy, hunky, part-time New York City firefighter is Elizabeth’s new client, one of thirteen men chosen for a fundraising, beefcake calendar.

Sparks fly and ignite as misunderstandings abound. Sit back and laugh for an unforgettable, hot, holiday season in the Big Apple.     Purchase e-book & paperback: Here

Denial of Conscience
"Denial of Conscience smolders with action, adventure, and romance. Darcy and Liz are hot together! I’d beat down Jane Austen herself for this Darcy!”

A fast-paced contemporary, Austen-inspired Pride and Prejudice novel - Fitzwilliam Darcy is steel, rock-n-roll, and Tennessee whiskey. Elizabeth Bennet is orchids, opera, and peaches with cream. Thrown together in a race against time to save her kidnapped father, they are physically and emotionally charged TNT, ready to explode!    Purchase e-book & paperback: Here

Villa Fortuna - Releasing Dec. 1st 2015
Inspired by Jane Austen's most beloved P&P characters. Discover the romance and comedy of Villa Fortuna where Little Italy collides with the country club set … at a hair salon.

Dr. Elizabeth Fairchild lived an orderly and focused life in Los Angeles until …

an unexpected death, a questionable inheritance, and an eighty-year-old Mafia vendetta required a trip home to New York City's Little Italy neighborhood in the Bronx. After thirteen years of running from her Italian-American upbringing, Elizabeth dreaded returning to the ethnic world of colorful hand gestures, passionate arguments, and living with her two stereotypical sisters in their rundown apartment above a bakery.

Her plan: get in, take care of business, celebrate Christmas, and then escape as quickly as possible. However, returning to the Bronx assailed the senses like her mother's lasagna. She didn't count on Italian pastry, homemade wine, a beauty parlor, and the enticement of a dashing plastic surgeon known as Michelangelo.

Will Elizabeth flee her childhood home where the foundation of faith and familia is so strong? Or will she stay and embrace all the traditions that once embarrassed her? Should she succumb or resist her elder sister's admonishment,

“Your home is where your heart is, and we are your heart—marinara, cannolis, the Church, and the family! The whole shebang!"

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  1. Hi Catgirl!! Just found this blog, it's great! You're a wonderful romance writer and your stories are filled with fun, laughter and affection/love. I love all your what-ifs and I can't even choose a favorite among them since all are so good.
    Can't wai for your next offerings!
    Your friend,